Fresh Fruit

Photo of Strawberry Special

Strawberry Special

$2.99 each

Photo of Blueberry Special

Blueberry Special

$3.49 each

Photo of Banana X-Large

Banana X-Large

~ $1.24 Each ($4.99 per kg)

Photo of Avocado Bag

Avocado Bag

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Apple Pink Lady Small

Apple Pink Lady Small

$3.99 per kg

Photo of Watermelon Cut

Watermelon Cut

$2.49 per kg

Photo of Roma Tomatoes Bag 1kg

Roma Tomatoes Bag 1kg

$3.99 each

Photo of Lemon Pack

Lemon Pack

$2.99 each

Photo of Avocado Special

Avocado Special

$1.99 each

Photo of Navel Orange 3kg Net

Navel Orange 3kg Net

$4.99 each

Photo of Packham Pear Special

Packham Pear Special

$1.99 per kg

Photo of Tomato 1kg Bag

Tomato 1kg Bag

$3.99 each

Photo of Kiwi Fruit Green Bag

Kiwi Fruit Green Bag

$3.99 per kg

Photo of Blueberry Jumbo

Blueberry Jumbo

$5.99 each

Photo of Watermelon Seedless Whole

Watermelon Seedless Whole

$1.49 per kg

Photo of Apple Granny Smith Small

Apple Granny Smith Small

$3.99 per kg

Photo of Apple Royal Gala Small

Apple Royal Gala Small

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Kiwi Fruit Gold

Kiwi Fruit Gold

~ $1.94 Each ($12.99 per kg)

Photo of Tomato Gourmet

Tomato Gourmet

$5.99 per kg

Photo of Rockmelon Large

Rockmelon Large

$5.99 each

Photo of Lemon Citrus

Lemon Citrus

$3.99 per kg

Photo of Passionfruit Tray

Passionfruit Tray

$4.99 each

Photo of Raspberries 125g Perfection

Raspberries 125g Perfection

$5.99 each

Photo of Grapes Premium White Seedless

Grapes Premium White Seedless

$14.99 per kg

Photo of Packham Pear

Packham Pear

$3.99 per kg

Photo of Jap Pumpkin Cut

Jap Pumpkin Cut

~ $2.21 Each ($2.49 per kg)

Photo of Pineapple Top On

Pineapple Top On

$3.99 each

Photo of Apple Kanzi

Apple Kanzi

~ $0.79 Each ($4.99 per kg)

Photo of Blood Orange Special

Blood Orange Special

~ $0.43 Each ($1.99 per kg)

Photo of Papaya


$4.99 per kg

Photo of Sugar Banana Lady Finger

Sugar Banana Lady Finger

$7.99 per kg

Photo of Truss Tomato

Truss Tomato

$7.99 per kg

Photo of Hass Avocado Large

Hass Avocado Large

$2.99 each

Photo of Kiwi Fruit Green

Kiwi Fruit Green

$5.99 per kg

Photo of Carrot Juicing 5kg

Carrot Juicing 5kg

$3.99 each

Photo of Apples Bravo

Apples Bravo

~ $1.34 Each ($5.99 per kg)

Photo of Apple Granny Smith Large

Apple Granny Smith Large

~ $1.12 Each ($4.99 per kg)

Photo of Honey Murcott Mandarins

Honey Murcott Mandarins

$4.99 per kg

Photo of Medjool Dates Pack 454g

Medjool Dates Pack 454g

$7.99 each

Photo of Corella Pears Special

Corella Pears Special

~ $0.75 Each ($3.99 per kg)

Photo of Passionfruit


$1.99 each

Photo of Tomatoes Roma

Tomatoes Roma

$5.99 per kg

Photo of Grapes Seedless Sweet Globe

Grapes Seedless Sweet Globe

$17.99 per kg

Photo of Large Navel Orange

Large Navel Orange

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Thai Green Mango Sweet

Thai Green Mango Sweet

$5.99 per kg

Photo of Lime Citrus

Lime Citrus

$11.99 per kg

Photo of Nectarine White Large

Nectarine White Large

$14.99 per kg

Photo of Easy Peel Orange

Easy Peel Orange

~ $0.69 Each ($1.99 per kg)

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