Fresh Vegetables

Photo of Lebanese Cucumber

Lebanese Cucumber

$8.99 per kg

Photo of Carrot Orange 1kg Bag

Carrot Orange 1kg Bag

$1.49 each

Photo of Broccoli


~ $2.44 Each ($4.99 per kg)

Photo of Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce

$4.99 each

Photo of Onion Brown 1kg

Onion Brown 1kg

$1.99 each

Photo of Button Mushroom 400g Tray

Button Mushroom 400g Tray

$3.99 each

Photo of Cauliflower


$3.99 each

Photo of Cocktail Potato 1kg

Cocktail Potato 1kg

$2.99 each

Photo of Green Zucchini

Green Zucchini

~ $0.87 Each ($6.99 per kg)

Photo of Sweet Potato Tray

Sweet Potato Tray

$1.99 each

Photo of Baby Spinach Pkt

Baby Spinach Pkt

$1.99 each

Photo of Wild Rocket Pkt

Wild Rocket Pkt

$1.99 each

Photo of Capsicum Red Nets

Capsicum Red Nets

$2.99 each

Photo of Asparagus Green Bunch

Asparagus Green Bunch

$4.99 each

Photo of Green Zucchini Pack

Green Zucchini Pack

$2.99 each

Photo of Baby Cucumber Punnet 250g

Baby Cucumber Punnet 250g

$3.99 each

Photo of Corn Pack

Corn Pack

$4.99 each

Photo of Shallots Whole

Shallots Whole

$2.49 each

Photo of Onion Spanish 1kg

Onion Spanish 1kg

$3.99 each

Photo of Baby Cos Lettuce

Baby Cos Lettuce

$2.99 each

Photo of Tomato Grape Punnet

Tomato Grape Punnet

$3.99 each

Photo of Capsicum Red

Capsicum Red

$9.99 per kg

Photo of Broccolini Bunch

Broccolini Bunch

$2.99 each

Photo of Celery Bunch Half

Celery Bunch Half

$2.50 each

Photo of Hand Picked Beans

Hand Picked Beans

$16.99 per kg

Photo of Silverbeet Bunch

Silverbeet Bunch

$4.99 each

Photo of Carrots


~ $0.41 Each ($2.49 per kg)

Photo of Kent Pumpkin Whole

Kent Pumpkin Whole

~ $2.13 Each (69c per kg)

Photo of Leek


$2.99 each

Photo of Desiree Potato 5kg Bag

Desiree Potato 5kg Bag

$7.99 each

Photo of Snow Peas

Snow Peas

$14.99 per kg

Photo of Brush Potato 5kg

Brush Potato 5kg

$4.99 each

Photo of Cos Lettuce

Cos Lettuce

$4.99 each

Photo of Washed Potato

Washed Potato

$3.99 per kg

Photo of Corn


$1.99 each

Photo of Mixed Salad Pkt

Mixed Salad Pkt

$1.99 each

Photo of Tomato Cherry Truss 500g

Tomato Cherry Truss 500g

$7.99 each

Photo of Fennel


$2.49 each

Photo of Cabbage Plain Half

Cabbage Plain Half

$1.99 each

Photo of Australian Garlic

Australian Garlic

$14.99 per kg

Photo of Button Mushroom

Button Mushroom

$12.99 per kg

Photo of Cabbage Plain Qtr

Cabbage Plain Qtr

$1.99 each

Photo of Garlic 500g Net

Garlic 500g Net

$2.49 each

Photo of Brussell Sprouts 500g Pack

Brussell Sprouts 500g Pack

$4.99 each

Photo of Celery Sleeves

Celery Sleeves

$4.99 each

Photo of Cucumber Skinny Telegraph

Cucumber Skinny Telegraph

$2.99 each

Photo of Love Beets Beetroot Baby 250gm

Love Beets Beetroot Baby 250gm

$2.49 each

Photo of Tomato Baby Roma Punnet 250g

Tomato Baby Roma Punnet 250g

$2.49 each

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